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Privacy Policy

We, the company KONSTRAKT Messebau | Kommunikation, headquartered at Buschdeel 12, 28777 Bremen, Germany, take your privacy very seriously and strictly adhere to all applicable privacy and data protection laws, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation. If you register with us, personal data is collected, processed and used. The following privacy policy will give you an overview about how we protect your personal data and what data is collected for what purpose.

Personal data

Personal data includes all data, which may be matched to a certain person. This includes name, postal address, e-mail address(es) and phone number(s) as well as your birth date, insofar it may be derived from the information and documents we have. We store and process your data, if you contact as via telephone, e-mail or the contact form on our website or if you contact us in another way and give us your data. Furthermore, we will store and process personal data and personal information insofar this is necessary to prevent or track potential abuse or other illegal behaviour on our website; e.g. in order to maintain data security in case of attacks on our IT-systems. Finally, we will store and process your data, if we are required to do so by law such as in case of administrative and court orders as well as in order to allow us to exercise our legal rights and claims as well as for purposes of legal defence. We will only store and process your data in accordance with the applicable laws and guidelines as well as with this privacy policy and your consent.

Responsible party

(1) The responsible party within the meaning of Article 4 No. 7 DSGVO, the other data protection laws applicable in the Member States of the European Union and other regulations and provisions of a data protection nature is:

Arne Hansen
Buschdeel 12
28777 Bremen, Germany
Phone: +49 421 6900270
Fax: +49 421 6900271

(2) For further details on the responsible body, please refer to our imprint.

Automatically collected browser data

If you visit our website, further data will be collected for technical purposes, as we will describe in detail in the following. Our website “” collects and automatically stores the following information, which your internet browser transmits to us:

  • Browser type and version
  • Operating system used
  • Referrer URL, i.e. the address of the website via which you reached our page
  • Hostname/IP address of your computer
  • Time of the server request

The website operator cannot match this data to any specific person. Nor do we combine this data with other data sources. Finally, the automatically collected browser data will be deleted after statistical analysis.

Google Analytics

Our website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service by Google Inc. („Google“). Google Analytics uses so-called “cookies”, small text files, which are stored on your computer and allow analysing how you interact with the website. The information about your use of this website gathered via cookies is normally transmitted to a server operated by Google in the USA and stored there. In case the IP anonymisation is enabled on this website, Google will shorten your IP address within the member states of the European Union or other member states of the European Economic Area before transfer. Only in exceptional cases, the full IP address will be transmitted to the Google server in the US and will be shortened there. On behalf of the operator of this website, Google uses the information gathered in order to analyse your interaction with our website, to compile reports about the activities of website users and in order to provide further services to the operator of this website. The IP address transmitted by your browser to the Google Analytics service will not be combined with other data Google may have gathered. You can block the use of cookies by deactivating the respective setting in your browser. However, if you deactivate cookies, you may eventually not be able to fully use this website. What is more, you can prevent Google from gathering and processing the data about your usage of this website (including your IP address) generated by the cookie by downloading and installing the browser plug-in found at the following link: For more information about the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy of Google Analytics please refer to and respectively We would also like to inform you that on this website the code gat._anonymizeIp(); was added to Google Analytics in order to allow for the anonymisation of IP addresses gathered (so-called IP masking).

Google AdWords

This website uses the online advertising program Google AdWords as well as the conversion tracking connected to the program. The conversion tracking cookie is set when a user clicks on an ad served up via Google AdWords. Conversion tracking cookies become invalid after 30 days and are not used for personally identifying users. If a user visits certain subpages of the website and the conversion tracking cookie is still active, both we and Google can tell that the user clicked on an ad and was forwarded to this website. Every Google AdWords customer is assigned a different cookie. Therefore, these cookies may not be tracked via the websites of AdWords customers. The information gathered via the conversion tracking cookie are used to compile ad conversion statistics for Google AdWords customers who use conversion tracking. The customers learns how many users have clicked on their ad and were forwarded a website with a conversion tracking tag. However, Google AdWords conversion tracking does not contain any information which allow for personally identifying website users. User who do not want to be tracked can easily deactivate the conversion tracking cookie via the user settings of their Internet browser. These users will not be included in the conversion tracking statistics.

WP Statistics

This website uses the WordPress analytics plugin WP Statistics. The provider of this plugin is Simple statistics are created from the data in anonymised form. No usage profiles are created and no cookies are set. All data collected by WP Statistics is stored completely anonymously on this web server. A personal identification of a visitor is therefore not possible, even retrospectively.


Our website uses so-called cookies in several places. The purpose of these cookies is to make our website and services more user-friendly, more effective and more secure. Cookies are small text files, which are stored in your browser. Most of the cookies we use are so-called session cookies, which are automatically deleted after you have concluded your visit to our website. Cookies do not contain viruses and will not harm your computer. What is a cookie? If you visit a website, a small text file is stored on your computer. This is a cookie. This cookie stores information which may be read by the website, when you visit it again at a later point. Many cookies are necessary in order to ensure the proper functionality of the website. Some cookies also have advantages for users visiting the website, e.g. because they store usernames and language settings. This means that when you visit the website again, you do not have to enter the same information over and over again. Why does KONSTRAKT Messebau | Kommunikation use cookies on its website? KONSTRAKT Messebau | Kommunikation uses cookies in order to make surfing on our pages more pleasant for you and customise the pages for user requirements. Cookies mean that if you visit our website repeatedly, the same information is not shown to you every single time. Cookies may also be used to optimise the performance of a website. For example, they can aid the log-in or log-out process or facilitate locating a specific product faster. KONSTRAKT Messebau | Kommunikation employs respective organisational and technical measures in order to protect your personal data and to prevent data breaches or other illegal behaviour. How can I deactivate cookies? You can easily change your browser settings in order to deactivate all cookies. Attention: If you deactivate cookies, your username and password will no longer be stored on this website.


  • 1. Open the Firefox browser.
  • 2. Press the “Alt” key on your keyboard.
  • 3. Choose “Menu” and then “Options” in your function bar.
  • 4. Choose the tab “Privacy”.
  • 5. Choose “Use custom settings for history”.
  • 6. Uncheck “Accept cookies” and save your settings.

Internet Explorer:

  • 1. Open the Internet Explorer.
  • 2. Click on “Extras” and then on “Internet Options”.
  • 3. Click on the tab “Privacy”.
  • 4. Open the tab “Cookies”, uncheck “Accept cookies” and save your settings.

Google Chrome:

  • 1. Open Google Chrome.
  • 2. Open the menu and choose “Settings”.
  • 3. Click on “Show advanced settings”.
  • 4. Click on the tab “Privacy” and then on “Content settings”.
  • 5. Deactivate “Cookies” in the respective submenu and save your settings.


  • 1. Open Safari.
  • 2. Select “Preferences” in the function menu (grey gear wheel in the upper righthand corner) and click on “Privacy”.
  • 3. Under “Accept cookies” you can specify whether and when Safari shall accept cookies from websites. For more information, click on “Help (?)”.
  • 4. If you want to learn more about the cookies stores on your computer, then click on “Show cookies”.

Data gathering when installing Apps

KONSTRAKT | Kommunikation publishes Apps via various portals, normally via the Apple AppStore (for iOS devices) and the Google Play Store (for Android devices). As the publisher of these Apps we do not accept liability for the functionality of the final set-up when using the App as intended and particularly as not intended by the developer, as the interplay between App and device depends upon several local factors of the user environment, on which we have no influence.

KONSTRAKT | Kommunikation does not gather any data during the installation of apps. Nor do we require user to sign up. However, the operator of the app store may gather data during installation for purposes of analysis. KONSTRAKT | Kommunikation has no influence on this. Therefore, we ask you to review the privacy policies of the respective app store operator. Possible data gathering by the respective app store is carried out automatically by Apple or Google (e.g. via using the tool “analytics”), when apps are downloaded via the platform in question. We have no influence on the app stores gathering device data and cannot prevent this either. Should the operator of the respective platform possibly collect further personal data, KONSTRAKT | Kommunikation is not responsible or liable for this. The publisher of the app (KONSTRAKT | Kommunikation) does not collect any user data! Nor does using the internal functions of the app require any personal data. Our apps function locally on the respective smartphone/tablet and do not require any personal data, profiles and settings, when used as intended. The app does not collect and transmit any data to us. We guarantee that no personal data gathered by any app developed by us is processed and stored on our servers.

Privacy policy regarding the use of Facebook plugins

Plugins of the social network Facebook, operated by Facebook Inc., 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California 94025, USA, are integrated on our website. You can recognise these Facebook plugins via the Facebook logo or the “Like” button on our sit. An overview of the function of Facebook plugins may be found under When you visit our website, the Facebook plugin creates a direct connection between your browser and the Facebook server and informs Facebook about your IP address and that you visited our site. If you click onto the Facebook “Like” button, while you are logged into your Facebook account, you may link the content of our site to your Facebook profile. This way, Facebook can link your visit of our site to your account. We have to point out that as the operator of this website, we have no knowledge of the content of the data transmitted to Facebook as well as about their usage by Facebook. For more information, please refer to the privacy policy of Facebook If you do not want Facebook to link your visit to our site with your Facebook account, please log out of your account before visiting our site.

Privacy policy regarding the use of Google+

Our site uses functions of Google+, operated by Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Via pressing the Google+ button, you can publish and distribute information worldwide. Via the Google+ button you and other users receive customised and personalised content from Google and our partners. Google stores information about the site, which you visited while clicking onto the Google+ button. Your Google+ information may be shown together with your profile name and your photo in Google services such as search results, your Google profile or elsewhere on the web on sites and advertisements. Google collects and stores information about your internet activities in order to improve Google services for yourself and others. In order to use Google+ buttons, you will need a public and worldwide visible Google profile, which must at least include the name chosen for the profile. This name is also used by all Google services. In some cases, this name may also replace a different name, which you used while sharing content via your Google account. The identity of your Google profile may be shown to users who know your e-mail address or other identifying information about you. In addition to the uses listed above, Google may use the information provided by you according to the valid Google privacy policy. Google may publish compiled statistics about user activities and may pass them on to users and partners such as publishers, advertisers or linked websites.

Privacy policy regarding the use of YouTube

Functions of the service YouTube are embedded into our website. YouTube does not have a separate privacy policy; the privacy policy of Google, which operates YouTube, applies as for all other Google services. According to Google’s privacy policy, the information stored includes all personal data, which every user enters themselves during registration or later:

  • Name
  • E-Mail address
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth

Furthermore, Google gathers large amounts of information via analysing your use of Google services. This includes location, IP address and devices used to access the service. In the case of YouTube, your activities on YouTube are important. For example, Google records what you search for on YouTube and which videos you watch. In order to unambiguously identify your device and link your activities to your Google account, cookies may be used.

Objection to advertising mails

We herewith explicitly object to using the contact data on our website published in accordance with the obligation under German law to publish a masthead, a so-called “Impressum”, to send us unsolicited advertising and information materials. The operator of this website maintains the right to take legal action in case of unsolicited advertising such as spam mails. We will only pass on your data to contractors and system partners who are headquartered in the European economic area and therefore subject to the strict EU privacy regulations or who are otherwise obliged to maintain a certain level of data security. When we fulfil a contract with you, we hire various subcontractors to purchase and deliver products and will pass on any personal data (e.g. name and address) that is required to fulfil the contract to these contractors. If you wish to receive advance notice of a delivery by the transport company, we will pass on your telephone number and/or e-mail address to the transport company, so they can inform you about the delivery. Apart from our purchase data processing, we will pass on personal data to third parties in the following cases for purposes of contract fulfilment:

  • For the delivery of goods, we pass on personal data to the transport company as well as the mail provider listed in the purchase contract.
  • For paying for goods and services, we pass on personal data to the financing bank or payment service provider listed in the purchase contract.
  • In accordance with applicable privacy and data protection laws, we may also be legally obliged to pass on personal data to the respective authorities or third parties by administrative or court order. We are also allowed to pass on personal data, if this is necessary for purposes of criminal prosecution or in order to allow us to enforce our rights and claims.

Data security

Your personal data, which is stored on our severs, is protected via technical and organisational measures in order to prevent data loss, data leaks and abuse by third parties. Our employees who process persona data, are obliged to maintain data confidentiality. We regularly review our technical security measures and update them, if necessary, to the latest state of technology. These data security guidelines also apply to companies that review and update data on our behalf. You have the right to request information regarding the personal data we have stored about you as well as their origin, purpose and potential recipient at any time. The addressee in accordance with applicable data protection regulations is KONSTRAKT Messebau | Kommunikation, owner Arne Hansen, Buschdeel 12, 28777 Bremen, Germany. In addition to the right of information, you also have the right to request us to correct, delete or block your personal data. For this purpose, it is sufficient to send us a message with the respective request. Any data, which we are required to store due legal or contractual requirements, cannot be deleted and will be blocked instead to prevent any use for any other purpose. Due to the legal storage period for fiscal documents, your personal data will be automatically deleted ten years after your last interaction with us.

Required permission for using your personal data

We are required by law to get your explicit consent for using your personal data for specific purposes, e.g. e-mail advertising. This consent is recorded in accordance with applicable data protection regulations. You may withdraw your consent at any time with immediate effect. In order to withdraw your consent or file an objection, it is sufficient to send us a message with the respective request. Herefore, you may use the following contact information which does not incur any additional costs beyond the base rate: KONSTRAKT Messebau | Kommunikation, Arne Hansen, Buschdeel 12, 28777 Bremen, Germany.

Credit assessment and scoring

In order to establish or review business relationships, we may carry out a credit check and/or trade reference in order to protect our legitimate interests. Furthermore, any payment delays or incidents will be recorded by our system and will be used in order to determine a credit line, e.g. for SEPA direct debit.

Further information

Your trust is important to us. Therefore, we will respond to any questions regarding our use of your data at any time. Should you have any questions, which are not covered by this privacy policy, or should you wish more information about a part of this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us..

Information about using your e-mail address

We will use your e-mail address, which you have supplied to us during the initial contact and active business relations in order to communicate with you to reply to your inquiries, send you solicited offers as well as for communication during the fulfilment of your order. Furthermore, we may use your e-mail address to send you offers and information about products and events as long as you are in active business relations with us.

Purpose of data gathering, data processing and data use

Via our department “Messebau” KONSTRAKT offers a full service regarding the planning, organisation, execution and supervision of booths at exhibitions and trade fairs.

In the department “Kommunikation” KONSTRAKT combines its extensive know-how in the planning and design of communication media. Our range of services includes the areas business-to-business, CI-concepts, public relations, web design, print advertising, multimedia, image and product presentations. The gathering, processing and use of data is done only in the context of the previously described business fields and the following resulting measures:

  • Fulfilling contractual obligations and maintaining business relationships with our customers
  • Marketing measures
  • Customer service and support
  • Personnel development, planning, controlling and administration, including payroll accounting, social security and health insurance obligations and other legal obligations
  • Internal employee communication
  • External communication with potential and current business partners and other communication partners

Groups affected and the respective data or data categories

Name, company affiliation, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number(s), date of birth, written communication (also via e-mail), information from third parties, payment and shipping information.

Employees of KONSTRAKT Messebau | Kommunikation as well as job applicants, apprentices, interns and former employees:
Personnel data (among other things name, postal address, personnel number, nationality, birth date, qualifications, start and finish date of working for the company, payroll information, pension, health insurance and social security data, job applications, employer references, warnings, bank information, etc…).

Business partners and subcontractors:
Name, company affiliation, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number(s), date of birth, written communication (also via e-mail), information from third parties, payment and shipping information.

Recipients or categories of recipients to whom personal data might be passed on:
Internal recipients are those who are involved in the respective business process and require the data to carry out their tasks. External public or non-public recipients will only receive data in accordance with application legal regulations and with the consent of the persons affected.

External subcontractors:
Subcontractors who require the data to fulfil contractual obligations (e.g. transport companies, furniture renting companies, system partners) and/or for securing and backing up our computer system.

Deletion of data:

Data is deleted, when there are no contractual or legal obstacles to this (usually 10 years after the last business contact), when there is no reason to assume that deleting data will negatively impact interests of the respective person that are worthy of protection and when the deletion of data does not require any unreasonable due to the way it is stored.


We will update our privacy policy if necessary. Therefore, we would advise you to regularly review this privacy policy to inform yourself about changes. If a change to our privacy policy impacts prior consent that you have given us, we will inform you about this separately.
State: May 23, 2018